Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Two 1.12.11

Today was another snowy day.  Cold and snowy.  Again.  H-Man is getting a tad stir-crazy after being inside for the last couple of days.  He's used to going out and doing errands or some place to play and burn off energy--and when the roads are iffy, I like to stay in where I know my little ones are safe.

So today, when H-Man asked if he could go play in the snow, I didn't hesitate to say yes.  But first came the workout for me:

1.  Gather his outerwear.  Coat, hat, mittens, boots, and snowpants.
2.  Get him dressed in his lined jeans, long sleeve shirt, and fleece sweatshirt.
3.  Put on his snow pants.
4.  Take off his snow pants and have him go potty.
5.  Put snow pants back on.
6.  Put on two pairs of mittens so his hands stay dry.
7.  Shove boots on his feet, pull snow pants over boots.
8.  Put on winter coat.
9.  Put on hat and hood.
10.  Watch child waddle out the door.  :)

Total time spent getting dressed?  About 10 minutes.

Luckily, we have a beautiful fenced in back yard, so I can have him play outside while I watch from the warmth of indoors.  :)

He wanders around the stillness of the outdoors for a while.  I love the freshly-fallen snow, because I can see the path of his little footprints and how he just shuffles through the snow.  He took his sand bucket and scooped snow for a bit.  Then over to the shed to pick up a large branch and drag it around.  Then off to his play area so he can go down the snow-covered slide.  

He plays for roughly 15 minutes before deciding that despite all of my bundling, he is cold and wants to come in.  His little cheeks are red, but he is all smiles and tells me of his adventure while I peel off his layers. 

His mittens were covered in snow and soaking wet, so I decided to hang them on the fire grate to dry.  They looked so cute and little hanging there.  Sometimes, with as mature as H-Man acts, I forget just how little he still is.

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