Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Eight--1.18.11

The promise of a movie in Mommy and Daddy's bed is just too much excitement for H-Man.  The fact that he gets to curl under our sheets with either Hubs or I (or both) is a real treat for him. 

Tonight he was so excited to watch a movie after his bath, he made all the preparations himself, which included getting his two best friends--Buddy and Turtle pillow. Buddy has been around since H-Man's first Christmas and Turtle joined us a year ago.  It's not bedtime at the Wise house unless both are accounted for.

Baby-E was fussing, until we put her next to her brother.  H-Man and Hubs started dancing around and making a bunch of insane sounds trying to get Baby-E to smile--which worked.  And Hubs grabbed the camera from me so I could get in front of it, which rarely happens. So enjoy a few pics from our night!

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