Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Four 1.14.11

Thank goodness for cameras on cellphones, or I would have skipped today.  Oops.  Today was one of those days that just got away from me.

I spent the morning with Baby-E in her favorite napping spot, in my lap on her nursing pillow.  Her favorite way to spend the morning, as well as mine.  :)  

Later, it was time to run errands.  As I said, the day got away from me, and we got a late start to running errands.  So by the time I got to Target, H-Man was tired and D.O.N.E. with shopping.  He told me, "I'm not tiiiiiiiiiiired!  I wanna' waaaaaaalk" at the store.  I insisted that he ride in the basket part of the cart, I was in a hurry and we could be done quicker.  He was doing his tired-cry while in the cart, which I ignored while I picked up what I came after. 

After a few minutes, I noticed he was awfully quiet.  I peeked around the baby carrier, and saw H-Man sitting up in the cart, head bobbing forward as he was sound asleep.  Poor thing slept through me lifting him out of the cart and into his car seat, then out of the car seat and up to his bed.  He's slowly starting to give up a full-nap and that transition has been a bit rough on everyone.

So this is what a kid that isn't tired looks like:

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