Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day Thirteen--1.23.11

It is truly amazing how much work a three-year-old adds to the house.

As I went around tonight picking up the clutter and putting it in its spot, (or somewhere hidden where I don't have to deal with it right now) I started to notice all the little touches of H-Man that are around my house.  Matchbox cars on the bookshelf, a derailed toy-train in the living room, his book on the end table, and his little slippers by the door.  Little reminders of where he has been today and what he's been doing and playing.

Then I noticed this:

H-Man is smart, but there is no way he is ready for Shakespeare.  I had to wonder what this book was doing out.  Then I noticed the placement of it and realized that the front-room light was on and I didn't turn it on.  H-Man had gotten this book off of the bookshelf, and used it as a step to reach the light switch that he's about two inches too short to reach.  It's the little reminders of him at the end of the day that make me smile.

Remember when I said that nearly every time I had the camera out, Baby-E was asleep?  Here's the proof.  She was asleep in my arms and I placed her on the couch so I could get my camera.  She was so sound asleep the flash didn't even bother her.

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  1. Aww, what a sweet precious little girl she is!!