Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Eighteen--1.18.11

Taking pictures of a ten-week old is difficult.  First, the planets have to allign for her to be

1  fed
2. awake 
3. agreeable to having her picture taken

I usually have two of the three when I WANT to take her picture.  Most times it's "OMG where is the camera she is ready NOW."  And by the time I walk the five feet to pick up the camera and turn it on, the moment is over. 

I love taking pictures.  This 365 day challenge has been fun, even though it's only day eighteen.  It's forcing me to get my camera out and learn even more about it. 

In my (very humble) opinion, I've done pretty well the last three years taking pictures with my camera.  I mess with settings, try to find the light, and get my camera more to "M" mode than any other.  I am by no means a professional photographer, and I don't claim to be one.  I've put photos in the county and state fairs.  (Toot my own horn:  I swept a category at the county fair!)  I know what makes a "good" photo over a bad one (and frankly, I am sick of looking at bad photos that people try to pass off as "good"); even if I don't follow those rules every time.  Honestly, I'm not out to get the perfect photo every time.  Sometimes I just want a quick snapshot and those are just as great as the photos that took me forever to do.

BUT, I digress.  Taking photos of a 10 week old is an event.  Today I made sure Baby-E was well fed, rested, and happy.  I quickly set her up so I could get a pictures of her the first time she was wearing a pair of jeans.

I managed to get about five pictures before I heard The Fast and the Furious.  Remember I said she was well fed?  Perhaps she was too well fed.  My dainty little girl promptly filled her diaper, causing our photo shoot to come to an abrupt end so that my model could have a wardrobe change.  But that's okay.  THAT is what makes photography a challenge--getting a good picture in before those sorts of things happen.  :)

Now I know why she was smiling.

Take my picture with Sissy.  (Notice who he's holding?  His first true love, Buddy.)

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  1. Gawd she is just so adorable... so bummed I didn't get any snuggles tonight! :D