Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Nine--1.19.11

15 minutes.

These four pictures represent a 15 minute slice of the evening.  Dinner was simple--bacon and eggs and chocolate milk.  H-Man in all his three-year-old glory managed to knock his plate off the table.  But like I said, simple dinner, so it was easy to clean up.  He helped Hubs sweep up the eggs, but was pretty embarrassed over his dinner guffaw.

He decided that he was done eating, and wanted to play with his "poppers" which are the snapping fireworks that you throw on the sidewalk and they make a snapping sound.  He was told no, that we were eating, he could play later, he needed to put them back up.

OH MY.  Here came the TEARS.  And the SOBBING.  (I really should keep some Oscar's around for his performances.)  After a time-out so he could calm down, he was fine, as evidenced by the next picture.  He knew I took his picture while he was crying and he wanted to "see pictures of the crying boy" and wanted "pictures of a happy boy."

Baby-E sat on my lap during all of this.  You can see she was excited during all of this and cared about what was happening.

So enjoy a slice of our evening--the good and the bad.  :)  I love parenthood!

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