Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Three 1.13.11

It's really hard to choose just ONE picture.  So--my blog, my rules, right?  Today I choose four pictures.  :)

Today started off with Baby-E's well-baby appointment.  Poor dear was subjected to four inoculations:  one oral, one in one thigh, and two in the other.  And as heart wrenching as it is to hear her scream from the shock of the needle puncturing her skin, it's also a good sound.  I'm glad I live in a place where I have access to immunizations from polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, rotovirus, hepatitis, etc.  So while the nurse pressed the medicine into her itty-bitty thighs, and Baby-E inhaled for a rather large cry, I exhaled a sigh of relief that she received these immunizations.


After her appointment it was time to come home, and the first thing H-Man asked to do was play in the snow.  Again, I happily obliged.  It was roughly 19* outside, but some fresh air was good for him.  So again with the bundling.

But this time, for some insane reason, I put his boots on before his snow pants.  So I made the completely logical choice of putting his pants on while he was wearing his boots.  About half-way through of getting the first leg in, H-Man looks at me and very clearly says, "I don't think this was a good idea.  You should have put my pants on first, then my boots."  All I could do was LAUGH.  He was right and he knew it.  But I persevered and got the pants on without removing his boots.  Score one for Mom.

I want to call these pictures--"Hurry Up Summer" because there is nothing sadder than watching your three-year old sit on his swing while surrounded by snow and cold.

Later tonight, we had a basketball game at IUPUI.  It's a family event since Hubby and I both play trombone in the band.  H-Man likes to go to the games and dance around while we play, but could care less about the actual basketball game going on in front of him.   So we let him bring a few toys to play with to occupy himself while we play.  The last couple of times he's brought a herd of dinosaurs and dragons.  Usually the reptiles hang out on the seats and the floorboards, but tonight, one special dinosaur had a view after he was perched on the stair railings.  

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