Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Twenty-One--1.31.11

Gooo.  Gurgle.  Pfft.

Just a few of Baby-E's favorite words right now.  She's starting to "talk" and tries to have a conversation with us.  It's amazing to watch her try to learn social norms.  She speaks, waits for us to answer, and then has something else to say.  It's really pretty cool.

So here she is talking to Hubby about something important that happened to her today. 

Day Twenty--1.30.11

My front room serves as the official train area for H-Man and has so since Christmas.  Honestly?  I don't mind the train being out 24/7.  In a few short years he won't want to play train; and I'll wish to be tripping over his toys instead of walking on eggshells due to a teenagers attitude.

Day Nineteen--1.29.11

Whoops.  Life got in the way of me blogging.  And I think the weather is about to get in my way as well.

We took off for our first trek to the lank of IKEA.  Holy cow.  I've NEVER spent four hours in a store before, but did at IKEA.  Hubby and I had no idea what time it was or how much time had passed--that place is like a casino with no real obvious way out, no windows, and no clocks. 

I know I have a pic on my phone, but it's being a turkey and not uploading correctly, so no pic for that day.  Boo.  :(