Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365. Wait...354 days of pictures

Today is my birthday.  What birthday exactly isn't important.  I'll admit to being in my thirties, and leave it at that.

For me, it seems that the year never officially starts until tomorrow.  My birthday is like the last holiday of the holiday season.  In about six weeks we crammed in Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and now my birthday.  Things are finally winding back down around our house, and routines are returning to normal.

A lot of my friends are doing the 365 days of photos.  I had the best of intentions of starting on January 1st, but just didn't quite make it.  I was off to a rough start, having spent New Years Day in bed with the flu, which affected my son on January 2nd, my daughter a couple of days later, and my husband a couple of days after that.  So now that the virus has (hopefully) left my house, I can officially start getting a photo a day.

So today--January 11, 2011 is my official start of pictures.  I tried to get one of each kiddo.  H-Man went outside to help his dad shovel the walk and driveway, and Baby-E stayed inside with me and helped make dinner.  And by help, I meant that the poor dear had to tough it out in her Bumbo while I made some biscuits.

(To see a larger picture, just click the photos.)

 He had been "eating snowflakes" after he got a lesson in not to eat black or yellow snow. :)

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