Monday, January 17, 2011

Day Seven--1.17.11

Baby-E is two months old today!  :)  That was a fast two months.  These two months went much faster than H-Man's did.  Poor girl is suffering from a cold.   It's so difficult to watch her suffer with it and not be able to help her.

I didn't want to forget H-Man, but he was NOT having his picture taking.  He was too busy watching cartoons.  He was leaning because my camera was in his way. 

Today my mom and I went to a used bookstore near us--Books On Sale .  This is my new favorite bookstore!  They have an entire room of kids books, with a little picnic table for kids to sit at while they look at books.  Also, the kids books are facing out, so they can see the covers, and they aren't stacked all on shelves, but instead placed into racks.  PERFECT for little hands to look and choose their own books!

They have book bundles and I picked up two different Little Golden Book bundles for $1.98 each.  H-Man was thrilled to get more "new" books.  


  1. Oh fun! Where exactly is that store at??

  2. Steph--they are in the Target plaza in Nora which is on 86th Street between Westfield Blvd. and College.

  3. Thanks! I will definitely have to check them out! :D